When it comes to the proper management of mental health, numerous services are necessary. Counseling services help individuals talk through the obstacles and stressors they face every day. When it comes to those struggling with a mental health disorder, psychiatric services are a must. Through a psychiatric evaluation and medication management, clients are able to take back control of their mental health.

Our Psychiatric Evaluation

individuals taking part in a psychiatric evaluation as part of psychiatric servicesWhen clients come to us for help, they go through a psychiatric evaluation. During this time, our psychiatrist can take their time to learn about the client. Here, the client receives a diagnosis if a mental health disorder is present. Then, the doctor and client work together to determine goals and establish a treatment plan moving forward.

This treatment plan will include a variety of therapies along with possible medications the psychiatrist deems appropriate. Because our psychiatric services include medication management, we can monitor the type of medication and dosage of our clients. By offering both a therapist and psychiatrist on-site, we can ensure our clients receive the full continuum of care they need.

Understanding the Differences

A common source of confusion in the care of mental health is the difference between a psychiatrist and a therapist. While both work together to provide care, they do so in different forms. A psychiatrist can prescribe medications after a psychiatric evaluation, while a therapist can’t. Furthermore, a therapist will use different forms of talk therapy to help their clients. It’s essential for the two to work together as a team to provide the best care and support for clients.

Why Our Methods Work

Many studies are conducted to determine which methods of treating mental health disorders work best. An article published by World Psychiatry, the Official Journal of the World Psychiatric Association, states that “Effective treatments are available for these disorders, including several types of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication. Although psychotherapy and antidepressants are about equally effective for most anxiety and depressive disorders, there is some evidence that combined treatments may be more effective than each of these treatment alone.”

The publication goes on to explain how evaluating the quality of life before, during, and after treatments is also essential in determining the effectiveness. Overall, they state that “In this meta-analysis, we found clear evidence that combined treatment with psychotherapy and antidepressant medication is more effective than treatment with antidepressant medication alone.”

Remedy Therapy for Psychiatric Services

The team at Remedy Therapy is ready to help their community with all of their mental health needs. From a psychiatric evaluation to individual and group counseling, no problem is too big or too small. We’re ready to help you learn how to manage your mental health properly, whether it be the day to day obstacles or a mental health disorder. Along with our psychiatric services, we offer the following options for counseling:

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