therapist and client discussing an outpatient treatment programWhen it comes to properly caring for mental health, many of us lack resources. The only time mental health is a serious focus is during a stay at an inpatient clinic. Sadly, there’s a major gap in public mental health care. By providing an outpatient treatment option, Remedy Therapy strives to fill in this gap. Our outpatient treatment program offers psychiatric services paired with our counseling services Palm Beach Gardens residents need.

Understanding Outpatient Treatment Vs. Inpatient Treatment

Before you learn more about caring for your mental health, it’s helpful to understand the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment. When individuals enter an inpatient treatment program, they live at the facility. This tends to be a popular option for individuals struggling with a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and a mental health disorder. However, an inpatient program isn’t necessary for those simply trying to manage their mental health. An outpatient treatment program allows you to receive help during the day while returning home at night. In terms of mental health care, outpatient treatment means making appointments for therapy sessions.

Why an Outpatient Treatment Program?

Don’t let the terminology scare you from finding help. Outpatient treatment simply means not living at the center for help. You should also never let the negative stigma surrounding mental health deter you from asking for help. Instead of checking into a more intense facility, head to the outpatient treatment program at Remedy Therapy. Here, you will participate in an evaluation to determine what kind of care you need. You’re able to make appointments around your personal schedule to prevent any disruptions from your daily responsibilities. You can also set short and long-term goals with our therapists for effective sessions.

Options for Care

So what kind of counseling is available at Remedy Therapy? Our therapists provide different sessions to help touch on a variety of issues and obstacles many of us face. In individual counseling, a client works one-on-one with their therapist. This means learning more about themselves, their thought patterns, and what changes they need to make to manage their mental health properly. During group counseling sessions, a therapist acts as a facilitator as a small number of clients talk. These sessions allow clients to see new perspectives while learning from their peers. It also helps strengthen communication skills. Family counseling allows loved ones to reconnect with each other in a respectful environment. Therapists also act as facilitators and mediators as loved ones learn how to communicate with each other effectively and respectfully.

Outpatient Treatment with Remedy Therapy

You don’t need to have a diagnosable mental health disorder to need help with your mental health. Major life changes and everyday obstacles can require some guidance. Remedy Therapy believes no problem is too big or too small. Whether you need medication management for a disorder, or just need to talk to someone about a life event, our team is ready to help. Contact Remedy Therapy now at (855) 874-3390 to begin our outpatient treatment program today.