Mental health refers to our emotional state of well-being. It’s how we think, behave, and feel every day. Of course, problems can develop that affect your mind just like your body. Mental illness is an increasingly common condition. The American Psychiatric Association says 19% of adults have some mental illness. Fortunately, these problems are treatable. Mental health counseling works to restore proper brain functioning. Counselors help treat symptoms, control negative thoughts, and reinforce positive behaviors. Remedy Therapy is one of Palm Beach County’s premier counseling clinics. We use evidence-based methods in the hope that clients become happier and healthier.

What Mental Health Counseling Is Like

First, Remedy Therapy begins mental health counseling with a client assessment. Our psychologists will conduct tests to learn more about you. Each evaluation will paint the picture of your unique struggles. Second, we’ll create an intervention plan. We personalize each treatment instead of using a one-size-fits-most approach. You’ll start visiting our outpatient mental health treatment center at least once a week. Counseling sessions last 45 to 90 minutes each. During this time, you’ll talk openly about your experiences without judgment. For instance, popular topics to discuss include your career, family life, self-esteem, and past trauma. Remedy counselors will ask some tough questions to make you look inward. We’ll use exercises like journaling and meditation to process your emotions.

Mental Health Disorders We Proudly Treat

therapist trying to explain the importance of an outpatient mental health counseling center to her clientSurprisingly, there are over 200 mental illnesses defined today, and Remedy Therapy is prepared to address most of them. At present, our team is using DSM-5 criteria to diagnose various disorders. For example, depression is a clinical condition causing extreme sadness. Similarly, bipolar disorder makes people shift between low and high moods. Generalized anxiety makes people fear things for no clear reason. Autism spectrum disorder affects how individuals get along with others socially. Another common disorder is ADHD, which makes it difficult to focus and stay still. Schizophrenia causes delusions that people think are real. Eating disorders like anorexia distort how they see their bodies. Despite the wide range of disorders, there are signs you need mental health counseling, including:

  • Having recurring odd or bad thoughts
  • Changing your sleep or meal routine
  • Feeling nervous or paranoid often
  • Losing interest in school and work
  • Withdrawing from friends and hobbies
  • Thinking about suicide or violence

Benefits of an Outpatient Mental Health Counseling Center

Making an appointment at an outpatient mental health counseling center can help anyone. It’s the best way to cope with the disorders mentioned above. Mental health counseling helps solve problems in your daily life. Remedy Therapy believes sorting through your emotions will increase your joy. You’ll become more content and accepting of yourself. In group formats, you’ll develop a positive social circle to count on. You’ll be less isolated and more open with your feelings. Additionally, you’ll become more secure in relationships you already have. Mental health counseling clients have less physical problems like high blood pressure too. Our outpatient mental health counseling center will help boost your quality of life without residing on-site.

Improve Your Mental Health at Remedy Therapy

Are you struggling with mood changes? Remedy Therapy is ready to meet your mental health concerns. Our community clinic meets high-quality care standards. Our licensed clinicians provide individual or group counseling services Palm Beach Gardens needs. We’re available Monday through Friday for therapy on your schedule. Our master’s level therapists want to resolve your stress and enhance your outlook. Come to our warm, relaxing office for holistic treatments, such as:

Don’t believe the false bad stigma mental health counseling has. There’s no shame in seeking support. Everyone can benefit from talking out stressful life issues. Turn to Remedy Therapy whenever you need a helpful listener. Call our outpatient mental health counseling center at 855.874.3390 anytime.