Most people don’t just develop mental disorders out of the blue. In general, something happens in their lives that leads to the development of such illnesses. One of the most common causes is trauma. In order to help people overcome traumatic disorders and live normal lives, they may need trauma therapy or a PTSD treatment program in Palm Beach Gardens, FL to reprocess the events.

What Is Trauma?

To understand the benefits of seeking a trauma therapy program in Palm Beach Gardens, people must know what trauma is. In short, it’s a disturbing or distressing experience. Because of this broad definition, the types of events that can cause trauma are nearly endless. They may also lead to other therapies as well, such as anxiety counseling.woman looks out the window contemplating going to trauma therapy

Thankfully, the brain has safeguards in place that help people deal with trauma. In most cases, these safeguards work without any problem. However, sometimes the brain fails to process trauma correctly, which means that the safeguards fail. This results in people reliving the trauma over and over again, which leads to mental disorders.

What Is Trauma Therapy? What’s the Goal?

As the name suggests, trauma therapy is a type of counseling that focuses on helping people overcome psychological trauma, utilizing psychotherapy and specific trauma therapy. It’s important to note that it isn’t a specific type of therapy. Rather, it’s a category that includes a variety of techniques to help people deal with trauma in healthy ways.

The ultimate goal of trauma therapy is to help people overcome trauma. However, most trauma therapists don’t look at the goal in such a broad light. Instead, they break it down into smaller goals. Some of them include:

  • Improving daily functioning
  • Shifting the focus from past events to the present
  • Eliminating or at least reducing trauma symptoms
  • Teaching people the reality of traumatic events without getting sucked in again
  • Developing skills to avoid traumatic relapse

Types of Trauma Disorders

Trauma is one of the leading causes of mental disorders in America. In fact, it can lead to the formation of unique illnesses. However, some conditions are more likely to occur than others. Experts refer to them as trauma disorders.

One of them is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It develops after people witness or experience an event that continues to haunt them. Essentially, they experience the trauma over and over again. Over time, it interferes with their everyday activities and impairs their quality of life.

Some trauma disorders develop when people are young. One example is reactive attachment disorder (RAD). With RAD, children fail to develop a healthy attachment to their caregivers, typically parents. This disorder often develops as a result of trauma from the parents, such as neglect.

Fortunately, trauma therapy and counseling services can help people overcome these conditions and more. A mental health center can help them determine which therapies are right for them.

Turn to Remedy Therapy

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Also, Remedy Therapy offers a PTSD treatment program Palm Beach Gardens FL. Our goal is to help people deal with trauma so that they can safely overcome PTSD. As part of our ongoing effort to put your needs first, we’ll create a custom treatment plan for you. We understand that everyone experiences trauma differently, so you need a personalized approach to recovery.

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