client and patient discussing beginning medication therapy management and how medication management worksIf you’re like most Americans, then you’re swallowing a big dose of medicine daily. Consumer Reports says that the U.S. fills nearly 4.47 million prescriptions each year. The average person takes four different pills together regularly. Of course, some of these drugs are essential to treat serious conditions. However, there’s growing concern that many prescriptions aren’t needed or even helpful. In other words, being overmedicated is actually hurting some people’s health. It’s important to review what pills you’re digesting often carefully. Fortunately, Remedy Therapy offers medication therapy management for this reason. Our trained clinicians help clients during their outpatient treatment program.

Medication Therapy Management vs. Drug Therapy

First, medication therapy management (MTM) is a client education program to better learn about your prescriptions. It’s trusted advice on how to improve therapeutic outcomes from medicines. In contrast, drug therapy is actually prescribing pills to treat disorders. MTM is useful for drug therapy clients concerned with their intake. Remedy Therapy doesn’t house any medication at our Florida clinic. Instead, we focus on assessing how clients are performing with current drug treatments.

Additionally, our friendly staff provides detailed information on how their prescriptions work. For example, we teach individuals how to take doses and avoid bad side effects safely. Remedy Therapy works with other doctors to modify client medication levels. Likewise, we’ll identify drugs that should be stopped or lowered.

How Medication Management Makes a Difference

Above all, Remedy Therapy practices medication management to protect client well-being. Our holistic Palm Beach Gardens clinic wants to prevent overmedicating. We build one-on-one relationships where clients can voice concerns about their prescribed drugs. After all, taking an active approach to your health is important. You’ll have a greater understanding of how drug chemistry is affecting you internally. For instance, someone taking Fentanyl would learn the exact science of what the opioid does. Medication therapy management lowers the risk of becoming hooked. Our MTM staff will suggest the optimal dosing to promote health benefits while also avoiding addiction.

The Remedy team hopes to detect medication errors that can hurt clients. CBS News reported that one in 250 Americans visits the ER due to bad drug effects annually. Therefore, we will carefully analyze each medication, including over the counter drugs and vitamins, you take. Our experienced doctors study the pharmacology of how each works. Second, they double check that the medication and dosing are suitable for you. We’ll make certain you’re not spending too much on medicines that aren’t right. Usually, we have to determine how drugs are interacting with one another. Medication management aims to find areas of improvement for better managing physical and mental illnesses. Ultimately, we’ll find the perfect balance to keep you healthy, happy, and fruitful.

Schedule an MTM Appointment at Remedy Therapy

Are you currently taking multiple drugs? Then, Remedy Therapy strongly suggests medication therapy management. Notably, our outpatient treatment program includes MTM to optimize the benefits of prescriptions. Altogether, medication management plus our counseling services Palm Beach Gardens can make you feel better. Our quality Florida clinic has licensed professionals who relieve client ailments. Accordingly, we offer various services, such as:

Don’t keep taking a mixed cocktail of powerful pills. Instead, get educated about what you’re ingesting through medication management. At Remedy Therapy, we’re proudly helping Florida get the most benefits from fewer drugs. Call (855) 874-3390 to start medication therapy management right away.