woman and therapist during a psychotherapy sessionMental health should be a priority for everyone. It affects everything we do just like physical fitness does. Good mental health helps you think clearly, make good choices, and form happy relationships. Further, it lowers the risk for psychiatric disorders. Each year, the NIMH estimates that 18 percent of U.S. adults develop a mental illness. Thereupon, seeking treatment called psychotherapy is needed for recovery. Psychotherapy is open communication with a clinician. Remedy Therapy is a premier Florida clinic providing this talk therapy to relieve psychological ailments. During timed, focused sessions, we help clients honestly explore the roots of their suffering.

When to Consider Psychotherapy

Usually, deciding when to seek therapy is a challenge. After all, some feel that needing a “shrink” makes them crazy. In reality, entering therapy makes you smart and proactive. Further, it means you’re committed to making positive changes, so congratulations! At Remedy Therapy, we suggest treatment for anything affecting your mental health. For example, perhaps you’re feeling sad more often. You’ve become hopeless that your situation won’t improve. Given that, you’re constantly worrying through the day and night. But, maybe talking to your friends or family isn’t helping. Therefore, you’re struggling to focus on daily tasks like work. Equally, you could be turning to alcohol to cope. Other possible signs include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by life stress
  • Experiencing relationship strains
  • Getting into legal problems
  • Lacking confidence and self-esteem
  • Recovering from a horrific trauma
  • Grieving a loved one’s death
  • Having thoughts about suicide

What to Expect in Talk Therapy

First, no two psychotherapy sessions at Remedy Therapy are alike. Notably, our Palm Beach Gardens office changes our approach for each client. However, there are some general things you can expect. By large, our sessions will last 45 to 90 minutes at least once weekly. During each, our friendly therapists will stimulate an active conversation. Keep in mind that talking is the focus rather than drugs. Our clinic doesn’t house medications at all. Therefore, our team will ask you reflective questions about your life. They will listen closely and take notes without judgment. Frequently, talk therapy will involve some brief activities, such as journal writing or role-playing. Remedy Therapy will structure sessions to your unique needs going forward.

Different Types of Psychotherapy

Moreover, there are several kinds of psychotherapy that Remedy practices. For instance, one popular type is individual counseling. Here, you would meet with a therapist one-on-one. The two of you can openly bring up difficult topics in total confidence. In contrast, group therapy involves at least one other client. You’ll share the therapist with others. At the same time, you’ll discuss experiences with like-minded peers.

Additionally, there’s family counseling available at Remedy Therapy. Loved ones gather together in the hope that relationships can grow. Of course, this can also include nontraditional family members like legal guardians or stepchildren. Likewise, we perform couples therapy for spouses or partners. You and your significant other can talk through problems negatively impacting your love.

Speak to Clinicians at Remedy Therapy Now

Need someone to share your struggle with? Then, Remedy Therapy can match you with a compassionate professional. Altogether, our staff provides an array of counseling services Palm Beach Gardens needs. Above all, our Florida mental health clinic wants to help clients find valuable solutions. We strive to make clients better understand their own minds. The Remedy team will empower your personal growth through comforting dialogue. Plus, we offer flexible hours for holistic services, such as:

Don’t keep burying your negative feelings inside. Instead, voice your emotions to the kind, empathetic staff at Remedy Therapy. Notably, we’ll help secure insurance coverage for your psychotherapy. Contact (855) 874-3390 right away to begin counseling sessions.