young couple meeting with a therapist during premarital counselingGetting married is a significant step. Of course, transitioning from single life to a long term committed relationship is hard. Unfortunately, too many couples jump to wedding vows too soon. As a result, the number of marriages breaking up is quite high. In fact, the American Psychological Association states that 40-50 percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce. However, the other half of marriages thrive with eternal love and happiness. So, how can you and your fiancé beat the odds? You need to put in hard work even before saying “I do.” Remedy Therapy has created a high-quality premarital counseling program. Our Palm Beach Gardens office helps couples build successful plans before reaching the altar.

What Premarital Counseling is Like

First, premarital counseling involves sitting down two-on-one with a licensed therapist. These sessions last 45 to 90 minutes. During this time, you and your future spouse will address any issues or fears you have. You’ll discuss both of your expectations going into marriage. Further, your counselor might suggest a compatibility test to pinpoint areas for conversation. Getting both partners on the same page with open, healthy communication is the goal. At Remedy Therapy, our trained clinicians are here to listen, guide your dialogue, and extend sage advice. Our marriage counseling sessions are always confidential in a warm, welcoming setting. Above all, premarital therapy is a safe zone for seeing how you and your partner will handle life stresses together. You will discuss many topics, including:

  • Moral beliefs and values
  • Financial situations
  • Mental and emotional needs
  • Other social relationships
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Future parenting styles
  • Strengths and weaknesses

Benefits of Premarital Counseling Sessions

Given that, Remedy Therapy sees premarital counseling as a must before your wedding. Again, you’ll be able to confront your differences and make compromises now. In effect, you’re less likely to face big blowout fights later. You’ll be more prepared for tough times ahead with solid communication skills. Specifically, the Journal of Family Psychology found that premarital therapy reduced the divorce risk by 31 percent. Counseling is needed to better blend your lives together from different backgrounds. Sometimes, couples learn brand new things about each other during sessions. Next, you’ll set plans and boundaries for your next five to 50 years. For example, you can discuss how many children you want and the career goals you have. Plus, our knowledgeable therapist will share words of wisdom to encourage your growth.

Prepare for Marriage at Remedy Therapy

Have you or your beloved popped the question? Then, include premarital counseling at Remedy Therapy in your wedding planning. Markedly, our private clinic provides the counseling services Palm Beach Gardens needs. In detail, our psychiatrist and team of therapists strive to develop strong relationships. Our experienced clinicians know how to address issues that often strain marriages. Therefore, our premarital sessions will make sure you’re ready to exchange rings. Our outpatient Florida counseling center stands out for affordable payments and flexible hours. Ultimately, we’re committed to helping clients with diverse needs reach their full potential. We use a collaborative approach to deliver holistic care, such as:

Don’t walk down the aisle with doubts or things left unsaid. Instead, come to Remedy Therapy for valuable premarital counseling sessions. All in all, investing time upfront in your marriage is crucial for lasting success. Contact (855) 874-3390 to schedule some appointments before vowing “til death do us part.”