When it comes to managing your mental health, many therapy options are available. Through a variety of modalities, individuals can receive the care they need to improve their overall mental health. Through group counseling Palm Beach Gardens provides, clients at Remedy Therapy can participate in different session styles for help. Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group is now an option for our clients. We offer a 10-week program, with eight spots available, and an ability to have one or two groups a week.

About Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a specific form of group therapy. It teaches clinically proven skills that help people better handle overwhelming emotions, recurring thoughts and worries, and difficulties maintaining boundaries in their relationships. Created by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., DBT groups make life easier by teaching skills that help people avoid making the difficult situations that arise in life worse through our actions and emotions. In essence, DBT works on the “steam in the pipe,” the underlying causes that result in unhealthy behaviors.

Breaking Down the Four Modules of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

woman beginning a Dialectical Behavior Therapy group with her therapistDBT breaks down into four sections or modules. The first module is mindfulness, which is the cornerstone of DBT. Skills taught in this module help us understand and learn not to place judgments on our thoughts and feelings, as well as stay in the moment. The concept of wise-mind decision making takes place in the mindfulness module. The skill of wise-mind helps group members avoid making quick decisions based on emotion.

The second module is emotional regulation. In this module, group members learn skills designed to help them feel in control and better understand their emotions. They also understand the role of self-care in their emotional wellbeing. These skills help members contain their feelings before they reach their “point of no return,” and resort to unhealthy behaviors.

In the third module, interpersonal effectiveness, we examine relationships. Group members learn specific ways to create and maintain boundaries. This includes asking for what they want healthily and being assertive when turning down a request that might be unreasonable or unhealthy.

In the final module, distress tolerance, group members begin to learn radical acceptance, perhaps the most crucial DBT skill. Until a person can accept their current circumstances, emotions, and limitations, change is impossible. Also in distress tolerance, group members learn how to plan for unexpected events that occur in life, so they don’t make matters worse when things become overwhelming.

Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group

We run DBT groups according to research-based protocols. These are precise guidelines created by Dr. Linehan and proven to be effective in research studies. Groups are run in 2-hour blocks, once a week, and are co-led. The groups are ten weeks in duration, and each group member receives a one of a kind book created out of Dr. Linehan’s materials. Every week the group will be given a specific assignment to help reinforce the skills taught that week. While our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group is specific in their substance, they share characteristics with all forms of group therapy.

Group members learn from one another and share experiences that make the group greater than the sum of its parts. Group members also validate each other’s experiences and qualities in ways that may not be possible in a traditional one on one therapy. In addition, feelings and thoughts that arise during group, often during mindfulness practice, can be explored in depth in individual therapy. Group therapy helps group members understand that they are not alone in their concerns and struggles, which alleviates feelings of guilt and shame that can become debilitating.

DBT Groups at Remedy Therapy

Remedy Therapy is proud to offer a variety of counseling services Palm Beach Gardens residents need and can trust. Dialectical Behavior Therapy along with other therapy services will help you manage your mental health to the best of your abilities. We also provide services that include:

Contact Remedy Therapy today at (855) 874-3390 to learn about your options for participating in our DBT groups. Let us show you how a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group can help put you on the right track.