Cognitive behavioral therapy refers to a technique that seeks to shift your beliefs and patterns of thinking to help you cope with the situations of life. This therapy teaches you to utilize the power of your mind in responding to various triggers. CBT can help you eliminate or better cope with:

What Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Entail? female patient smiles at friendly female counselor taking notes in cognitive behavioral therapy

First, you have to understand how behavior is produced. It all starts with beliefs. What do you believe to be true? The thoughts then give way to feelings, and finally, the feelings result in certain behavior.

For instance, if you put it in your mind that you have poor communication skills, you’ll feel nervous and anxious whenever you’re in a crowd. As a result, you’ll avoid social gatherings at all costs, and most likely end up lonely, with no meaningful relationships. This, in turn, causes you stress or even tip you into needing a depression counseling program.

Let’s say at this point you join a cognitive behavioral therapy program in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. A therapist will work with you to understand that your problem is all in the mind. And if you can change your belief and thinking system, then the entire situation will change. Essentially, what matters is not what is happening to you, but how you respond to it.

Behavioral therapy, in particular, helps you explore your fear in a safe environment so that you can identify the triggers and learn how to respond appropriately. For instance, if talking to strangers causes you anxiety, the therapist can place you in a group session where you can safely practice starting conversations.

Therapy Session Procedures 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a training of the mind, and as with any other training, it is time-bound. On average, you will require 5 – 20 weekly or fortnightly sessions with each lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour. It is not a fixed program though; we have flexible psychotherapy in Palm Beach Gardens, FL that can be customized to suit your needs.

Under the guidance of the therapist, you will identify the issues causing you anxiety, stress, panic attacks or depression. You will also identify the ways in which you have attempted to deal with these issues in the past, which are seemingly not working. Session after session, you will explore new strategies of thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving. Once this is achieved, you can face the world with a new mindset.

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

This form of therapy helps you do so much more than deal with the issue at hand. It conditions the brain to see yourself differently. You’re trained to understand that change begins in the mind. This holistic shift is not only beneficial to the issues at hand but also in the future. This is a program with the potential to change your life for good. If you were already on medication therapy management for stress-related conditions, this therapy can help you get off medication by helping you solve your problems in a more enlightened way. This, in turn, attracts positive thoughts in your life, and you get accustomed to a behavior that is tantamount to one expecting good things; and you eventually get just that.

Here you also learn to control your thoughts. Often, when you encounter a challenge, the mind races back and forth. CBT gives your mind the ability to calm down and think rationally. Only then will you be able to come up with a solution.

Stress, anxiety, depression and such other mental issues can make every day of your life a burden. This does not have to be your story. Call 855.874.3390 and speak to a therapist today about cognitive behavioral therapy.