a group session during anger management therapyIt’s normal for people to get angry sometimes. However, frequent bouts of intense anger is a problem. Namely, your angry outbursts could cost you your relationships, education, and job. Even worse, you could get arrested for committing violent crimes. After all, those unable to control this negative emotion often lash out physically. If you’re prone to quick anger, then you’re not alone. In fact, Harvard Medical School found 7 percent of Americans have anger disorders. Fortunately, anger management is an effective treatment for blocking aggressive actions. Often, professionals recommend anger management therapy to individuals coping with trauma, mental illness, brain injury, or addiction. In some cases, anger management therapy might be court ordered during criminal cases. Overall, Remedy Therapy is a premier Florida clinic that welcomes anyone struggling with extreme rage.

What to Expect in Anger Management

First, Remedy Therapy will match you with a licensed counselor who specializes in anger management. In most cases, the anger management program will last four to eight weeks. During this time, you’ll meet individually or in small groups. Of course, talk therapy is the foremost technique used. First, you’ll discuss the internal and external factors that cause your anger. Next, you’ll work together to adopt coping strategies that prevent such strong reactions. Moreover, Remedy Therapy counselors encourage clients to reflect on their past and current behaviors. As such, journaling about your experiences will help you recognize the signs of oncoming anger. Additionally, our anger management therapy team shows clients how to reduce pent-up fury. For example, your options include:

  • Developing exercise plans
  • Starting new hobbies
  • Learning how to meditate
  • Practicing deep breathing
  • Reframing your emotions
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Building a support network

Benefits of Anger Management Sessions

Above all, the main goal of anger management therapy is calming down your irate responses. At Remedy Therapy, we have high success rates for lowering angry outbursts. Notably, we teach you how to properly communicate feelings without violence. Likewise, anger management therapy will prepare you emotionally for handling stress. In effect, your new coping skills will improve your physical health. Specifically, you’ll be less likely to develop stress-related illnesses like high blood pressure. At the same time, your family and social life will become less strained. For instance, you’ll work on repairing rifts with loved ones. Additionally, stopping the aggressive disputes will get you out of legal trouble. Anger management will teach you to be more positive and emphatic of others. Similarly, you’ll become more self-confident and proud of your growth. In short, therapy is crucial for processing the fear or frustration behind your anger.

Learn Temper Control at Remedy Therapy

Are you easily provoked into intense anger? If so, Remedy Therapy is ready to begin a custom intervention plan. Markedly, our clinic delivers the quality counseling services Palm Beach Gardens deserves. In detail, our experienced team is available Monday through Friday with flexible hours to lend support. Our trained psychiatrist comes in weekly to assess mental health disorders too. Therefore, we’re among the most trusted Florida treatment centers for anger issues. Indeed, Remedy Therapy staff is a group of problem-solvers wanting to change your life for the better. Besides anger management therapy, we offer a spectrum of affordable services, such as:

Don’t keep feeling guilty for your uncontrollable anger. Instead, gain power over your surge of emotions in anger management. Uniquely, Remedy Therapy helps address hostility before it escalates into yelling, fighting, and breaking things. Hence, clients learn to stop hurting themselves and others when mad. Contact (855) 874-3390 to schedule a session at our Palm Beach Gardens office today.