Acute stress disorder (ASD) usually occurs in the first month following a traumatic event. As part of this condition, you suffer a variety of symptoms like those of PTSD. But big differences exist between ASD and PTSD, such as in how long your symptoms affect you. To understand these differences and whether you need acute stress disorder treatment, talk to the experts at Remedy Therapy in Palm Beach, Florida.

Acute stress disorder treatment includes many of the methods used for PTSD. These methods include individual counseling or psychotherapy, group therapy, and behavioral therapies like a dialectical behavioral therapy program in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. But there is good news for sufferers of ASD and PTSD, alike. Through a PTSD or acute stress disorder treatment center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, you can get back on track in your daily life.

What Causes Acute Stress Disorder?therapist takes notes as female patient talks during acute stress disorder treatment

Trauma is the primary cause of ASD, whether you suffer the trauma firsthand, witness it or suffer multiple events in your lifetime. Types of trauma typically related to ASD include:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Threat of death
  • Threat of serious injury
  • Accident
  • Criminal victimization

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reports that up to one-third of people who experience trauma also develop acute stress disorder. The type of trauma you experience affects whether you will suffer ASD.

Signs You Need Acute Stress Disorder Treatment

Specific signs you need acute stress disorder treatment in Palm Beach Gardens, FL include dissociative symptoms, flashbacks, avoidance of things that remind you of the event, anxiety, and distress.

Dissociative symptoms pointing to your need for acute stress disorder treatment or possibly PTSD treatment programs include feeling numb, being emotionally detached, derealization, depersonalization, and dissociative amnesia. Derealization occurs when you feel your environment is not real or seems foreign to you. Depersonalization takes place when your emotions and thoughts do not feel like your own. You suffer dissociative amnesia when you forget some or all of the traumatic events.

Flashbacks of your trauma include repeating images, thoughts, illusions or nightmares. You can feel that you are reliving the trauma or you feel distressed when reminded of the traumatic events.

Avoidance takes place when you change your relationships, conversations, places you go, activities, thoughts, or other aspects of your life to keep from remembering the traumatic events. Anxiety leads to sleep problems, irritability, problems concentrating, inability to sit still, feeling on guard, and startling easily. The distress of ASD comes from life disruption due to your trauma, such as in your work or socialization. Maybe you struggle to finish tasks or talk about your traumatic memories.

Acute Stress Disorder Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

If you receive a diagnosis of ASD at Remedy Therapy, you start receiving treatment from this experienced acute stress disorder treatment center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. This treatment starts with a psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis, then leads to the determination of your treatment plan.

Methods of treating ASD include hospitalization if you pose a risk of suicide, self-harm, or harm to others. If therapy suits your needs, you go through that therapy on an outpatient basis at Remedy Therapy. Your therapy program includes:

Acute stress disorder treatment helps you work past your trauma and return to an enjoyable, stable and productive life. At Remedy Therapy, you receive the psychotherapy and psychiatry support you need in an outpatient setting. Call Remedy Therapy at 855.874.3390 to talk to a caring counselor. Learn more about ASD therapy programs and schedule your first visit today.