woman learning about the counseling services Palm Beach Gardens provides

Everyone could use some guidance at one time or another in life. Whether we face a major life-changing event, or we struggle with daily stresses, navigating life alone can be challenging. Through the counseling services Palm Beach Gardens provides at Remedy Therapy, everyone can find the support they need to make it through.

Rewriting the Narrative on Mental Health

Unfortunately, even now, society still places a negative stigma around mental health and mental health management. Many who could benefit from counseling services shy away because they fear judgment and ridicule from family, friends, and peers. Remedy Therapy is here to break through this stigma and rewrite the narrative surrounding mental health. We believe that everyone can benefit from the extra support and guidance that therapy offers. Our counseling staff members are just that, they help each of our guests achieve their best life possible.

The Available Counseling Services Palm Beach Gardens Provides

At Remedy Therapy, we provide a variety of counseling services to give our guests the help they need. Different situations call for different approaches, and we understand two cases are never the same. That’s why we offer the following options for guests:

  • Family counseling – Sometimes families need an objective third party to help them work through issues. A family option allows members to confront their problems effectively and respectfully.
  • Individual counseling – When you want to speak with a therapist one-on-one, individual counseling is your best option. Here, you’re free to talk openly and honestly about the problems and struggles your facing in a safe and welcoming environment. You can then work with your counselor to determine which coping skills and tools you need to move forward for symptoms of conditions like disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.
  • Group counseling – A group setting offers several benefits to guests. During these sessions, you get to learn from the experiences of your peers to better your own situation. You will also build new friendships that can help support you after your time at Remedy Therapy.
  • Adolescent counseling – Younger guests require different approaches than older guests. Because they still lack life experience, they need counseling that doesn’t involve discussing more mature topics.
  • Counseling for first responders – The exposure to traumatic situations that first responders face is unlike any other. Counseling for this community helps individuals work past the stress and trauma of their job.

Begin with Remedy Therapy Today

No issue is too small or too big at Remedy Therapy. Our therapists are ready to help support and guide each of our guests as they tackle their unique problems, situations, and circumstances. Break past the stigma surrounding mental health and find the help you need now. To learn more about the counseling services Palm Beach Gardens offers, contact Remedy Therapy today at (855) 874-3390.