What Makes Us Different

two women discussing combination therapy resourcesFor individuals struggling with mental health disorders like PTSD, anxiety, or depression, it’s natural for individuals to want to narrow it down to a singular solution. However, when it comes to these conditions, it often takes an integrated approach for lasting healing. For this reason, Remedy Therapy relies on targeted psychotherapy in combination with certain medications to give patients the best chance for sustainable healing. Learn why our outpatient mental health clinic in Palm Beach Gardens subscribes to an integrative treatment approach that applies combination therapy.

Why Combination Therapy Is the Best Approach

In Feb. 2014, researchers published a study in World Psychiatry examining the efficacy of psychotherapy and antidepressant medications on anxiety and depression disorders. The researchers ran 52 studies with over 3,600 patients. Within that study, they discovered that combination therapy (psychotherapy and medication) was far more effective than pharmacotherapy alone. Additionally, the researchers discovered that combination therapy was twice as effective as psychotherapy combined with a placebo medication.

Similarly, in Sept. 2015, researchers published a meta-analysis in The Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies that attempted to measure the effectiveness of combination therapy in adult depression. Their findings indicated that combined psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy produced significantly higher long-term outcomes than all other methods of treatment.

Counseling Services at Remedy Therapy

Through individual counseling, our therapists help clients uncover the underlying causes of their mental health issues. In the process, clients learn more about themselves while also developing valuable coping skills to deal with life’s obstacles.

Group therapy sessions also give clients the chance to learn and grow amongst like-minded peers. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or other issues, chances are there’s a group for you at Remedy Therapy.

In many individuals struggling with mental health disorders, it’s also beneficial to involve the family. Our counselors and therapists can help family members understand what their loved one is going through. Additionally, family therapy sessions promote a non-judgmental environment that promotes familial healing.

Medication Management

Psychiatrists at Remedy Therapy are qualified and licensed to prescribe and maintain your medication. While we recognize that medications may be helpful in stabilizing your condition, we also administer them responsibly to avoid any negative side effects.

We keep a close eye on your condition to see how the medication impacts you. Are you doing better or worse? Are you suffering from any extreme side effects? Do you feel any change at all? Remedy Therapy wants to give you the best treatment possible. In this way, we can find the most effective medication and dosage for your specific treatment.

Find Out What Makes Us Different Today

Are you ready to experience the Remedy Therapy difference when it comes to your mental health treatment? From our individual counseling services to our more specific programs for families, Remedy Therapy is here to help those in need. Learn more about how combination therapy can make a difference in treating your mental health. Verify your insurance or contact Remedy Therapy today at 855.874.3390 to get started.